Elora Mews Shops by the Elora Gorge, View our beautiful photos of Elora, save them on your computer and share them with friends.
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Elora Mews Shops by the Elora Gorge, View our beautiful photos of Elora, save them on your computer and share them with friends.

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Elora Mews Shops - Photographers and Pictures

Renee Makino

Brass on the RiverElora's Festive MewsDining Alfresco in Elora MewsExploring the Elora MewsElora's favourite ice-cream shopElora's limestone wallsElora's cool limestone walls

Renee is the owner of the Elora Mews and a world traveller who enjoys capturing impressions of people and places on film.

She has visited and photographed Elora and the Elora Mews courtyard and shops extensively since 1982.  The development of the website started in June 2001 with a huge photo album.  To capture the special atmosphere, character and experience of Elora for the website, Renee photographed many scenes during Elora Festival Days in the Summer of 2001, and has continued to contribute her photos to the website over the years.

Please email Renee with your comments at: reneemakino@eloramews.com


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Shannon Fitzsimmons

Elora is "Picture Perfect" for weddingsElora Blooms in Limestone WallsBridge to Elora, "Ontario's Beautiful Village"Reflections in Elora's Grand RiverElora's Grand River is a Swan's DelightElora's in the pink - Colourful Store Fronts

Shannon  is a self-taught natural when it comes to photography. She has always enjoyed taking pictures. Now with the benefits of digital photography her skills have continued to grow. She always desires to find the beauty in whatever she shoots and making that stand out in her work.

You can see her work in progress at www.flickr.com/photos/shoefitz


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Greg McCracken

Greg McCracken's photographs create a very special atmosphere and mood and capture the breathtaking beauty of the Elora landscape. Greg, an outdoor enthusiast, grew up in New Brunswick and was attracted to the Fergus-Elora area 20 years ago by the quaintness of Elora's Mill Street and the Gorge. He has lived in Fergus ever since. An amateur photographer for the past ten years, he moved into the digital world early in the game. Of special appeal to Greg are the colours of early morning and twilight time. He achieves some of the prettiest colour combinations by balancing artificial light with the last remaining natural light in the day. That was how he achieved the colours in the photograph of the limestone walls of the Elora Mews.

For more of Greg's outdoor photography you can visit one of his websites: www.gregmccrackenphotography.com


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Jim Reed

Piers of the Victoria Street Walking BridgePainting of the Grand River in Elora, by Jim Reed

Jim Reed has expressed creatively since painting with a group of impressionists in 1976. The attitude in Elora at that time has been related to Paris in the 20's / "Profiles", recently published, gives descriptions of several artists who have been inspired by the area. Jim is community minded, having worked to establish historic designations; preservation of the tallest pier bridge in Ontario, purchase of the Elora/Cataract trail, and the Elora Centre for the Arts. You may have seen his work in Eola's Gallery on Mill Street. He wants the charm of Elora to be protected and appreciated as a spiritually serene hub of activity.

You must experience Elora by rowboat! Why was the Harold Town description of the Gorge, "as in a cathedral"? Was it really Casson's favourite place? Was the panoramic camera and roll film invented in Elora? Did the warden really see diamonds in the sky when he went to say goodbye to the bridge on a wintery day in the gorge? Are there far more than the 500 located historic buildings found there? Can one walk up the river to the next village from the stairs into the gorge? Where did Jesse James live? Why was he really here? Who were the KGC? Years of mystery!... and a folk tale EVERY DAY.


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Marie Weber

Marie Weber, during her many years with the Fergus-Elora News-Express and responsible for the "Elora Tourist Guide", has taken many wonderful photos in and around Elora. She was happy to let us feature her pictures of Elora's Mill Street and the Elora Mews on this site, and we look forward to more of her impressions of Ontario's beautiful village.


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Bruce Hogarth

Elora's Limestone CliffsElora Mill on the GorgeElora rooms with a viewThe magic of islet rock

When Bruce moved to Elora in 1996 he was so enchanted by the beautiful scenery that Elora had to offer that he often went for long walks along the Elora Gorge.  We hope you enjoy his work.


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Download your Free Screensaver Beautiful Limestone Village and Mill on Elora Gorge

Special inspiring images of Elora which rotate on your Computer Desktop at selected intervals when your computer is at rest.

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Catharina Walhout

Elora Madrigal SingersElora's Old Mill StreamMusic in the Elora MewsElora GuitarElora Mews Courtyard CafeElora Day TrippingElora building with a Grand view
Elora Mews view from the footbridgeElora's BoardwalkCarriage Rides in EloraPetting Bell on Elora's Mill Street

Catharina started creating websites in 1994 when the internet was just beginning.  Now that she is an accomplished webmaster she has expanded her talents to digital photography.  

She can often be seen wandering the streets of Elora with her camera taking pictures of the Elora Gorge as well as candid shots of the activities and special events that make visitors come back to Elora.

Catharina can be contacted by sending email to or  visit her website @ http://www.catharina.ca


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David Wiseman

Elora Gorge AdventureElora's Tooth of Time

David is the Computer Network Manager at University of Western Ontario in London Ontario.  He claims to hate computers, but has spent the past 10 years archiving 20 years of Usenet files for Google, and is an expert on computer security and internet privacy.

We discovered David's photographic talents on the internet. Among his Photos of Beautiful and Interesting Places are his impressions of the ELORA GORGE, "one of Ontario's least well known beautiful places", which he was happy to let us feature on the Elora Mews website for our visitors to enjoy.

For more about David's wide-ranging interests, and more photographs, visit his website @ http://www.csd.uwo.ca/staff/magi/

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Barry Schneider

Elora's Mill Street in 1979

Pictures - Thin Black Line

Mike Milton

Mike's pictures of Elora were taken early on a day scheduled for a business meeting at the Elora Mill, but in them he tried to capture the stillness, warmth, comfort and peacefulness which he remembered from his many visits to Elora as a young child. Mike has a strong love of nature, and lives and works from a log cabin in Haliburton. He is a professional computer communications guru and an amateur photographer.

You can see more of his work at www.arttech.on.ca or reach him at mike@arttech.on.ca

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Download your Free Screensaver Beautiful Limestone Village and Mill on Elora Gorge

Special inspiring images of Elora which rotate on your Computer Desktop at selected intervals when your computer is at rest.

Download this Screensaver!

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